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We all need a “moment.” we should be living for it, but
the sad reality is that so many people don’t even know it
exists. what is this “moment?” It is the instant in which
you realize nearly everything you have been told to believe
is complete, useless bullshit. Life is not money in your
bank account, having a bigger house than your neighbor,
or owning a luxury suv. Life is realizing that you are the
one in control. You have absolute freedom to do -and
become- exactly what you choose. when this happens,
you realize that the commercials selling you fancy
products mean nothing, and things like honor, family,
friends, sunrise, and sunset have immeasurable value.

In this moment, you will be set afire with a courage you
have only read about in books and nothing will stop you.
how can anything stop you when you are equipped with
the knowledge that you are stronger than anyone could
ever imagine? Ayn Rand said in her famous and foretelling
novel Atlas Shrugged, “the question isn’t who is going
to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.” I believe in this
so fiercely that I have it tattooed above my heart. every
day that passes, I realize that this is true and become
stronger and more focused as a result. Now it’s your turn.