Cube Predator: Nutrition for Mass

Cube Predator: Nutrition for Mass

For any mass gaining program, the simple truth is you must consume calories to lift big weights. Cube Predator is not for anyone looking for shredded abs and glutes, but it’s not designed to make you a fatass either.

The Basics:

Protein will be consumed a 1.25 grams per pound of lean bodyweight. Don’t lie to yourself. Try to get an accurate reading on your body fat percentage, and only consume the protein for the muscle you carry. We are feeding the muscle not fat.

Carbs will begin at 1.25 grams per pound of lean bodyweight. Again, we are feeding muscle not fat. If you wanna be a fatass by all means its your right, but if I’m killing myself in the gym I’d prefer to look like it.

Fat will begin at .3 grams per pound of lean mass. This will help balance and regulate hormones, along with aiding in digestion and normal body function.

So take Lifter A who weighs 250 lbs. at 18% body fat (250 x .18= 45. This means he is carrying 45 lbs of fat. 250-45= 205. That means all calculations will be based around 205, I usually round up just a bit so for ease we will split the difference a bit and say 220 just to be safe).

Protein- 220 x 1.25= 281.25 round up to 285 grams x 4 cals= 1140 cals

Carbs- 220 x 1.25= 281.25 round up to 285 grams x 4 calls= 1140 cals

Fat- 220 x .3= 73.33 round to 75 grams x 9= 675 cals

Total Calories- 1140+1140+675= 2955 cals per day

*Protein Sources- Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Bison, Protein Powder

*Carb Sources- Sweet Potatoes, Jasmine Rice, Oats, Cream of Rice

*Fat Sources- Oils (Coconut, Olive, MCT, Macadamia Nut), Butters (Natural Peanut, Almond,), Nuts

I recommend 5 meals a day, so by applying some simple math: 285/5= 57 grams of Protein per Meal, 57 grams of Carbs per Meal, 75/5= 15 grams of fat per meal.

57/57/15 or 55/55/15 for ease. I’m not gonna give you specifics but from there you can build a pretty damn good diet. Use the mirror as your guide not the scale. If you start getting too lean, add .25 carbs extra per day per lbs of lean bodyweight, too soft, remove .25 grams per pound of lean bodyweight.

Now that we have assured you can properly fuel the workouts prescribed, you can focus on the bench press. Remember, lifting more means gaining muscle, and to gain muscle you need proper nutrition to fuel growth.