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Are you ready for the next level in powerlifting training?

Are you tired of programs that leave you coming up short on meet day? How about getting the leg up on your competition with the tried and true “Old School” methods of powerlifting, with a modern application?

You need a program that covers every aspect of strength training and leaves no doubt that your progress will be 100% real strength, and can be applied to both a raw or geared powerlifter. Sadly, many programs focus on one or the other, and others leave raw lifters broken down, and for that matter some geared lifters as well. Too many programs emphasize the “PR” in the gym. While PR’s are extremely important, there is nowhere more important than on the platform.

The Most Fun You Will Have Training For Powerlifting

The Cube Method is the powerlifting training program that has taken athlete after athlete to the next level of strength. Powerlifters have been hitting PR after PR taking their strength to levels previously not thought possible. The Cube Method is not just another powerlifting program. It combines and rotates Heavy Days, Rep Days, and Explosive Days in a way that has never been done before.

Time to take the guesswork out of powerlifting training. In the revolutionary Cube E-book you will learn….

  • The Journey to the Cube
  • How the Cube method was formed
  • Why it became the training method of Elite Level Powerlifter Brandon Lilly, and numerous other powerlifters
  • The Method Behind the Cube
  • Explanation of the program and the secret to the unique rotation of training modes
  • Get set up on your own Cube rotation to maximize strength, and preparedness
  • Gym Training
  • Learn how to rethink what strength is. It’s not just 1 Rep PR’s that matter. We find ways to set PR’s for weight, reps, time, and speed.
  • How to rotate the training waves of each of the main lifts
  • Proper weight, rep and set schemes needed in order to make you the very best powerlifting you can be.
  • Assistance work takes a huge role on the Cube Method. We set up assistance to absolutely maximize future barbell lifts
  • Find out how to maximize certain assistance exercises in order to get the most benefit from them.
  • How to warm up properly in order to prevent injury and prime your body for training.
  • Use the sled and Prowler to build strength, size and a powerful physique that reflects your strength

The Cube Method is a comprehensive program that will help you take out all of the uncertainty in your training and finally give you a definitive program to help you to achieve your goals!


The Cube Method has given me the greatest Multi-Ply, and Raw Totals in my career.

Here is a short list of my powerlifting career:

  • Member of the 1000 lbs. Squat, 800lbs. Bench, and 800 lbs. Deadlift Club
  • Trained at both Westside Barbell, Lexen Xtreme Barbell alongside some of the greatest lifters in the world.
  • Competed for 9 years in all specialties from Raw, Single Ply, and Multi-Ply
  • Totaled Elite in 5 weight classes (220,242,275,308, and SHW)
  • Totaled 2,204 lbs. raw ranking 16th All-Time regardless of weight. One of 19 men ever to total over 2,200 lbs. raw.
  • Totaled 2,530 lbs. Multi-Ply

What does that mean? All of that knowledge and training experience has come together in The Cube Method. I wish I had a program like this when I coming up in powerlifting. I would have avoided injury, and burnout. This is the best advice I have to offer based on all the lessons I have learned, in one place, for you.

The Cube Method has allowed my training to make me the strongest, most conditioned and explosive I have ever been! Not to mention all of the Cube lifters who are continuously smashing PR’s!